Sunday, 16 May 2010

And you are?

It's been a dull week for me and I wont even bore you with my trip to the dentist.  Have a busy(ish) week ahead, but am using one last days holiday from work on Monday and intend to go to London and just explore with my camera.  I have a couple of places that I want to visit that I have never been to - I'll blog about it I'm sure.

Last night Pete and I and 3 others went for a meal at the top notch restaurant that we went to for my pre-birthday night out.  It's so expensive, but so good.  We ordered some wine and the waitress said "we don't have that one anymore - it was shit wine!".  To the point I suppose.

On facebook I posted a picture that I saw on the net and asked for feedback on what either our new Prime Minister or Her Maj' was saying.  This is my contribution...


  1. No Prime Minister's voted in. Spent much of last week moaning about Tory "unelected PM" rubbish.