Saturday, 19 February 2011

2011 Dieux Du Stade Calendar

It's remiss of me not to have selected a couple of shots from this years Dieux Du Stade calendar that is in our bedroom.  By the way, it's seems that trimmed pubes are the 'in thing' for guys - gay or straight.

Here is a selection of my favourites from the 24 images:


  1. I LOVE the guy in the fourth picture.


  2. That's a calender sure looking great! Wish I could have it up my wall without questions being asked. Trimming the pubes? I have to admit I sometimes do but that's out of practical reasons. Getting stuck in the zipper isn't fun at all!


  3. If I had that calendar I'd be very sad right now, knowing that January 2011 would never return.

  4. There are joys to be had EVERY month!

    Who's to stop you from leaving a month running for a while??

  5. Each year these photos (not to mention the video) gets my blood pumping. It never disappoints.

  6. who is the guy in the second picture???

  7. Oui, ces photos sont magnifiques. Le résultat c'est super... Mais je pense que l'équipe que fait le calendrier se sent... A mon avis, elle se donne plus importance qu'aux modèles. Tous c'est faux lá.

    In english, it's (more/less):

    Yes, these photos are beautiful. The result is super... But I think that the team that made the calendar "feels like millions bucks"... In my opinion, it gives more importance to itself them the models.