Sunday, 13 February 2011

I got wood

We spent the day yesterday in the muddy garden. We have increased the size of the vegetable plot and had 4 pieces of 3 metre wood lengths delivered to make a frame around it. We had to treat the wood and then put it in place.

Having done all that and also moved a load of earth, we bought some stupidly heavy bags of slate to put in front of the frame. We will put some alpine plants in there I think.

I still ache. I am just not used to this manual work.

The strange thing however, is that the spirit level tells me that the front piece is level, yet my eyes tell me that it's not level. Is it an optical illusion?  Our gnome will find a new place to live - he is 2.5 feet high and naked from the waist down... of course.


  1. Manual labor? I'll watch while I sip a coffee or cocktail.

  2. I, like you, hate working in the garden, totally unedifying experience.

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