Monday, 21 February 2011

More blurb

A while back I mentioned that I pull together the best photographs from each year into a photobook.  My printer of choice is (having tried a couple of others).  They have actually brought their prices down in recent years and if you search the net, you can usually find a voucher code for free postage.

I left it a while before finishing it off, but have just received the 2010 'holidays and events' through the post - a mere 200 pages!  I kept the design very clean this year with the book title made up of letters and numbers from various photographs - every single one from 2010. Now that wasn't easy!

This is actually the second photobook for 2010 as I produced one after the holiday in the USA.


  1. Looks good...

    About a year ago I looked at a site that collates books from blogposts but never got round to it.

    When are you going to do a Five on the Fifth one? - you could get all the partcipants to sign waivers and make a mint!

  2. 5 on the fifth belongs to the people!

    apart from the copyright on the name and the logos - I OWN THEM!