Friday, 4 February 2011

February Movie Update

Here are the films that Pete and I have received from and watched on TV and DVD over the past few months (sorry for the delay in posting this) in reverse order, with my ratings out of ten from my movie list on IMDB.

50 First Dates 6

A good few funny lines, but I just don't like Adam Sandler.

Inception 7
Could well be uprated after a second viewing - I just wasn't convinced that it was as good as some people say.

Paris, Texas 7

Classic film that I found a bit long.

Catfish 8
I really liked this film. My mini review here.

Eric and Ernie 8
TV 'movie' about 2 of Britain's favourite comedians. Great stuff.

Gainsbourg 6
One truly weird film about the French musician and artist. It did show that he was far more talented than just "Je t'aime, moi non plus"

Toast 7
Another TV movie in the Christmas schedules.  Some gay stuff and lots of food.

Spirited Away 7
An incredibly odd Japanese animation - but enjoyable.  You have to see it - then tell me what the hell was going on!

Toy Story 3 8
Fantastic.  The best trilogy in movie history?

Juno 7*

Music and Lyrics 6
Silly but a few laughs.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope 6
It's strange, but it's really amateur in places.  Good memories, but just not as good as I recall - far too many silly coincidences.

Eclipse 5
No story, awful acting. 5 points, just for the shirtless lads.

The Illusionist 5

Heiko** 1

My Name Is Love** 6

Postmortem** 6

Protect Me from What I Want** 7
Lovely gay short with the stunning Elliot Tittensor.

Steam** 4

Trevor** 6

Vandalen** 4

Leaving 7

* viewed before

** gay short film


  1. I really liked 50 First Dates. Funny and thoughtful

  2. Some of those shorts, including 'Protect Me From What I Want', 'Steam' and 'Trevor' are very good!

  3. Although I know the Juno can wind some people up, it's one of my fave films.

  4. Okay. So, this time trying to avoid giving 1/2 marks, my comments on the films I've seen (all in the cinema, I need hardly repeat):-

    Inception: an easy 9! Unlike you, I do share the fairly widespread awe of many filmgoers for this. In fact it was the only film in the last twelve months which I paid to see twice in the cinema - and would watch yet again. But I know it's not everybody's cup of char. I heard that my brother-in-law fell asleep within the first half hour while watching it on DVD. But his son, my nephew, was very impressed. For me, Christopher Nolan, together with Mike Leigh, are this country's best directors currently working.

    Paris Texas - I saw this when it first came out when you were probably still in short pants, (or even nappies?). Can't remember a thing about it and it was long before I started giving scores to films. I know it comes on TV every so often, but always too late for me. My Halliwell's guide gives it 3 stars out of 4, so it clearly deserves a second viewing.

    Catfish, agreed 8. I loved it.

    Gainsbourg 7 - Very worthwhile - and amazingly good look-alike in title role.

    Spirited Away Yes, 7 is fair - but just a tad too long?

    Juno a good 7 at least, going on 8.

    Star Wars IV - 3 at max. I've seen all the films in the series on the big screen, but only out of 'duty'. It's always the hopeless scientific inaccuracies that prevent me from getting virtually any pleasure from any of them. My irritation began in the very opening scene in the very first S.W. - a spaceship rumbling(!) through space - and it hasn't ceased since.


  5. cont'd......

    Did you mean the 2006 'The Illusionist' (Edward Norton) or the 2010 Belgian animation L'Illusioniste'? No matter, I wanted to like both of them more but would score each with a 6 (even though I get the hots for Paul Giamatti - but only when he has a beard!)

    Leaving - 8! I found this film close to astonishing. I know critics were divided but I found it incredibly subtle below what might be thought to be a superficially banal situation. One of my Top 10 for last year.

    Finally, I didn't see Toy Story 3 but I soon wished I had. (I saw the first two). The reviews have been quite remarkable - with a likely Oscar recognition or two - so it seems I missed out on something. One to catch up on later.
    And really finally, although I didn't see the 'Eric and Ernie' I'll just toss in the comment that I was never a great fan of theirs - particularly as Eric M. always seemed to me to carry with him a demeanour which said "Please laugh at me! If you don't I'll be hurt." But it must be just me because nearly everyone else thinks they were among the greatest comedians, and certainly the greatest double act, this country has ever produced. Ho hum!

    Till your March offering then!

  6. Note your Inception comments - I am surprised that Nolan didn't get an Oscar nomination. That seems VERY strange.

  7. Yes, I agree, Stephen - especially when, I believe, that the film is up for 'Best Picture'. Every year the Oscars throw up some oddities but this is one highly incomprehensible and maddening one.