Friday, 7 October 2011

Jacob Von Hogflume

Pete came across this image yesterday and I thought it was brilliant.

Jacob Von Hogflume was said to have invented time travel and has been honoured with a blue plaque and was known to have lived in various parts of the UK before his death and after his death as well.

Actually, Jacob Von Hogflume is the fictitious inventor of time traveller, as well as a former and future resident of London. Invented by Dave Askwith and Alex Normanton, and documented in their book "Signs of Life", the Von Hogflume sign proclaimed to mark the residence of the 19th century inventor. This sign was one of many signs created by the duo.

Other made-up signs from their book are below:


  1. Far from being ficticious, I am a real person. I am just not always around when people search for me as I time travel extensively. Various blue plaques have been put up in my honour, which I find distinctly embarrassing.

    Best wishes
    Jacob von Hogflume

    1. Can you post another comment in which will date Nov 5, 2010?

    2. that's impossible even for a time traveller as the post was created after 2010.....think it through