Thursday, 16 October 2008

Big gay blog - The ugly ducklings

It's about time I posted another gay blog entry (i.e. an excuse to include some pictures of cute guys) so here's my take on the ugly duckling story. Take a couple of nerds and see how they have grown in such a short time...

Leon Jackson won the UK X-Factor Karaoke competition in 2007 and what a dorky looking guy he was back then!

The X Factor is a programme that I don't watch and I think it's made to appeal to people who don't have brains.

Anyway, his winning song and number 1 hit was an awful piece of dross called When you believe which failed to use his voice well at all. A year later and, to my great surprise, has a great new song and even better new image!

Another TV programme I have never seen is High School Musical starring Zac Efron. 21 year old Zac has also developed well and I think could be a big star if he plays some more mature roles. He's a bit old to be playing a schoolkid now and should show us he can actually act.

He also looks rather good here.

So when and how did these two guys become rather nice?! There could be stylists at work I think.


  1. Zac is hot hot hot. But your right, he was a dweeb.