Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The truth on a bottle of water

Believe it or not, I read something quite witty on the side of a bottle of fancy flavoured water recently...

“If you’ve had to use sick days because you’ve actually been sick then you’re seriously missing out my friends. The trick is to stay perky and use sick days to just, erm, not go in.

Don’t overdo it on the coughing front the day before you want to take a sickie though, big giveaway. Just stick with the ever elusive '24-hour bug' - no one can prove a thing. Just remember not to answer the mobile phone while out shopping when you are supposed to be a spluttering, bedridden wreck.

Please note: taking a 'sickie' is very very naughty."

It's so very true and the answer to that day when you really need some time to yourself and to unwind... while someone else is paying. The text is copyright Vitaminwater of course.


  1. i love vitamin water, so yummy and its actually interesting to read.

  2. I don't drink the vitamin water, but I rarely take a sick day for being sick. If I'm feeling bad, I might as well be at work anyway. It is very nice to use a sick day for a day off once in a while. I find it is best not to do this on a Monday or Friday though. That seems too obvious. I don't even bother to sound sick when I'm calling in. I just say, I'm not feeling well and I won't be in. Even when I'm really sick, I can usually manage to sound fairly normal for a phone call.

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