Sunday, 1 February 2009

Feeling old

Age seems to be a reoccurring conversation theme and it's pretty depressing isn't it!?! I try not to let it bother me, but there are reminders everywhere.

I read that this week was the 20th anniversary of the launch of Sky TV to the mass audience in the UK with movies, news, sports etc (they had just one channel up to that time). I was working for a Cable TV company at the time (I was 18) and it was a major event for us. It feels like a lifetime ago. I am in the middle of this picture - I had hair back then! I have some good memories from those days, but it was a crappy job and I should have left far earlier than I did. We live and learn.

If you can remember when Nevermind by Nirvana was released in 1991, you'll certainly recall the great artwork on the CD/LP. It featured a baby swimming underwater towards a US bank note. Well, that baby is all grown up and has reprised his role. How old do I feel?! The actor was Spencer Eldon and he is now 17 years old - I wonder how much hassle Spencer got at school for this? I have added the Simpson's version too for the fun of it.

And finally... although I wasn't born at the time, I think it's worth mentioning that 40 years ago this week, The Beatles performed live for the last time on the roof of their offices in Saville Row in central London. Some background to the show can be found here - it's a fascinating story as they tried to record a few tracks in a live setting after bickering for weeks. Unfortunately, the police stopped the performance after 40odd minutes. Despite the DVD of the film Let It Be never being released, there are plenty of clips around the net.

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  1. Feeling old is relative! I'm fast approaching my 29th birthday and I'm not afraid of getting old, but afraid I am not where my heart wishes I should be. I think that's a bigger disgrace than say feeling older or dated in this case!

    As far as an answer to your question: I definitely enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire, but thought The Wrestler was just okay. And I saw Doubt today as that, I thought was pretty good...the dialogue during their confrontation felt very real! Like it should right?! Hi btw! And check your might bump into a C- or D-lister on my list! :)

    fI aka Bry