Saturday, 7 February 2009


On Friday afternoon, I sent a text to my friend Gavin asking if he fancied a beer "after" work as I knew he was snowed in. Pete and I walked into town and met Gavin and his cousin at one of the many pubs to choose from at around 5.30. The first coincidence of the evening is that Gav's cousin shares a flat with one of the guys from Pete's book group.

We went to another pub afterwards - an Irish place that neither Pete or myself had ever noticed. We met a few other people and chatted/played pool/played on the quiz machine. Then the second coincidence... our neighbours walked in to the pub. Now I have to admit that Pete and I haven't really made the effort to get to know our neighbours, so it was great to spend the next couple of hours chatting with them. They are a really nice couple - apart from thinking we were older than we are! I had drunk FAR too much and getting in past midnight and not having eaten was a bad idea.

Saturday = hangover.

Now you may think this is a bit sad, but I had heard a story about a new steam train that has been built and that it would be travelling through England today down to Kings Cross station in London. That means it had to go on the line close to our house. So, Pete and I took a walk to the local footbridge to take a look. I didn't quite expect a hundred or more people there with the same idea! We waited in the freezing temperatures (though it was sunny) for the train to puff it's way past. Quite an impressive sight! The occasion was so very English.

I watched the Rugby on TV - England versus Italy in the 6 Nations. We played badly in my opinion and leaving out the cute Danny Cipriani was a crime - not because we missed his rugby skills - no, it's just because he is nice to look at! However, the inclusion of Italy's star player, Sergio Parisse, almost made up for it. There's something about him and I think this picture helps demonstrate my views!
I think the rest of the day will be spent eating, watching TV and doing not much else.

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  1. Hey, that steam train link was very cool! I'll bet you were thrilled to be able to see it.