Friday, 6 February 2009


I have been stuck in the house much of the week due to snow (unusually large amounts for England) . I managed to drive to work on Monday morning for a meeting. It's 35 miles and it took 3 hours, mainly due to the bad traffic on one stretch. The meeting was an assessment and it was pretty tough - basically my boss asked me questions about every part of my job and I had a set time to come up with each answer. It wasn't a yes/no type assessment as I had to explain some quite complex topics in detail (and with a sales twist to keep him happy). Not fun!

That meeting took 2 hours and the drive home was another 2 hours. Overnight there was loads of snow and on Tuesday, I tried to drive to a meeting but had to turn back as I had zero control over the car. I worked from home on Wednesday and on Thursday I didn't even try to move the car as it had snowed and snowed. This morning, I drove about 12 miles to a meeting and turned back as there were accidents all over the place - the round trip took 2 hours. I took this picture while sitting in a traffic jam for most of the time.
So this week has been dull and I'm feeling a bit stir crazy.

Yes, in England we fall apart when there is snow. Some roads had been gritted, but the very wet snow followed by freezing, had left everything like a slushy ice rink.... and it's not over yet.

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