Monday, 22 June 2009

Holiday snaps

Rather than only post a selection of the 600+ pictures I took on holiday that featured sea and scenery, here are just a few unusual images that I have picked out - click to make bigger, especially the bottom one. For more misc pictures, please have a look here.

1. The awful views we had to endure - this was our ship at Skjolden
2. Yummy food in Bergen - Pete tried some
3. Interesting promotional text in Torshavn
4. Taken from the daily "newspaper" on board ship
5. Google Earth image showing our ship in the longest Fjord in the world
6. Panoramic of Bergen


  1. Good stuff...whale toastie is not for me though.

  2. Pete said that Whale tasted of fishy lamb. Hmmm.

    Don't forget, for nutrional value, EAT FISH FUCKHEADS!

  3. Wow. The sun not setting must be weird!

  4. A shameless plug of sorts...

  5. No , this is a shameless plug