Thursday, 19 November 2009


I spent the day in London yesterday with a meeting at lunchtime and an early finish. I even managed to plan a whole training day over a latte in a coffee bar after my meeting. The West End seemed to be packed with people (especially the Apple store on Regent Street) - it's strange how you can forget how busy the city can be. I met Pete and we went for a couple of drinks and then a bento box at a Japanese restaurant. We walked along Old Compton Street, i.e. the gay part of Soho - but I am not a fan of most of the bars, so it was an All Bar One pint as they have a wide choice of beers. I don't do "the scene" very often - I don't have any need to be with "my kind".

I tried the new pedestrian crossing at Oxford Circus - how very exciting!.. yep, I need to get out more.

I had a dream the other night and it only came back to me yesterday when Pete and I went into The Vintage Magazine Shop in Brewer Street which sells old magazines (obviously!) and movie memorabilia. Some back story first... my first job (when I was 18) was at a Cable TV company based in Sittingbourne in Kent which managed 4 Cable TV networks across the north of the county. We had a small shop on the premises and it was my idea to fill one wall with images from the movies and I bought 8"x10" black and white photographs from this very shop in the early 1990's!

Back to my dream - in which I am employed once again at the Cable TV office with the same colleagues and it's highly stressful and very unpleasant - as it was all those years ago. I have the same desk, same huge computer and same posters around the walls of the TV channels on offer.

So I looked online this morning and very little is mentioned about the business I worked at - it's been replaced by a bigger and better Cable TV network and Sky satellite dishes everywhere. But I did find this image of my old office (I don't quite understand why someone would take such a photograph) and it really depresses me. The run down building and faded signs are so unlike the busy office and workshop downstairs that I remember.

I have dreamed about this a couple of times and each time I remember my bullying boss and the smoke filled office. It was a truly crap job and I stayed there at least 3 years too long before going back to college and then into financial services.

Dreams are strange things.

This morning, the nice Amazon delivery man has brought us the 2010
Stade Francais calendar. What a rather sexy start to a dull Thursday! A full review will follow in due course.


  1. All Bar One?! Poor show, old chap :( . Next time I recommend The Sun and Thirteen Cantons (Great Pulteney St), the John Snow (Broadwick St) or the Alphabet Bar (across the road from The Sun and...) They're none of them gay bars, but they are all very agreeable drinking establishments.

  2. Your point is noted - but the pubs were pretty packed and I was in need on a beer that wasn't a Fosters or Kronenberg and ABO has plenty of choice.

  3. They had cable TV when you were 18?!!!

  4. Well actually, there were cable tv networks across the UK from the 1960's, but mainly in poor aerial reception areas. It wasnt until the mid 1980s when satellite TV channels were added to the normal BBC/ITV channels.

    Before Sky TV launched to the world via dishes, they had "Sky Channel" which was pretty good, but my favourite was "Super Channel" and MTV - when it used to play music.

  5. I dream frequently and usually remember all the detail. I have a number of recurring dreams that I have labeled on my blog (under dreams).

    I have seen the Stade pics and some are very nice. I have noticed quite a bit of meat on display this year.

    However, we are not allowed to have it at home, says Xfe...

  6. "Meat" - you have such a way with words! Though you are correct!