Monday, 9 November 2009

Songs you might like #3

This is the third post that highlights some rarely heard music - the other entries can be found here. These are songs that you probably won't know but I would like to recommend them. You may love them, you may hate them - the choice is yours, but at least you had the chance to hear them...

"Big Store" by The Devils

Pete is a big Duran Duran fan and this track is related to that band. The Devils was formed by Nick Rhodes and Stephen Duffy in 2002. Rhodes founded (and is still in) Duran Duran and Stephen Duffy was their singer before they were famous. The album features songs that Duran Duran recorded as demo's, but never recorded professionally (before Simon Le Bon came along).

"For What It's Worth" by The Cardigans

When I was on holiday a few years ago, I bought some dodgy random CDs including the album "Long Gone Before Daylight". Although it can appear a little lightweight at the first listen, this song is really catchy and has some great lyrics about the word love: "The four letter word got stuck in my head, the dirtiest word that I've ever said".

"Satellite" by Guster

I heard about Guster via the website of one of my favourite bands: Barenaked Ladies. So I took a punt on their album "Ganging Up On The Sun" and this standout track has an acoustic feel that I really like.

"Fuzzy" by Grant Lee Buffalo

I can't recall where I first heard this song, but I love its lolloping atmospheric style. It's a well produced track and one of those songs that is great to play at night with the lights down low. The band were close to one of my favourite bands, R.E.M. and toured with them a few times.

"Glastonbury Song" by The Waterboys

I'm not really much of a Waterboys fan and think that "Whole Of The Moon" is an annoying song! That being said, I like this track and it is also worth checking out the song "Fishermans Blues".

Here are some short samples of the tracks:


  1. I'm doing music themed posts at the mo and before you know it, it will be time for the best albums of 2009...

  2. PS:

    I'd like to invite to see my latest comedy show Poles Apart, which is about when me and my mate Mark went to Poland last year to get a job, in an effort to single-handedly reverse the immigration trend.

    We spent 2 weeks as immigrants and ate a lot of lard, we came home and made a show about our adventures that includes traditional Polish dance, moustaches, jokes about Russians and Poland's leading avant-garde theatre co-operative re-enacting the Gdansk iron ore factory strike of 1963. It may also feature "BNP the sit-com..."

    It's on at the RichMix on Bethnal Green Road as part of their immigration season on the 27th and 28th November at 7:30pm sharp and I think they are providing quality Polish vodka for the audience and some sausage.

    More info on Poles Apart is here:

    More info on the Richmix is here:

    Hope to see you there and please spread the word in any way you can, this is good piece of theatre that tackles the lies spread about immigration head on.


  3. First off, I just discovered your blog yesterday via my friend who writes XOs Middle Eight, and I must say that I like what I see. Keep up the good work.

    Re: Guster - "Satellite" is really the only song I know of theirs. A couple friends of mine do a semi-monthly CD thing in which we each submit 4 songs that we're listening to and then everyone gets a copy of the 12 song CD. It's been going strong for almost 2 years now and "Satellite" was on the very first one. It's funny because it's not really my type of music, yet it is. In any event, I do like that song quite a bit!


  4. Ah

    Stephen TinTin Duffy. Kiss Me.

    BTW I'm so caught up in listening to McAlmont Nyman. Wonderful stuff - couple of YouTube vids here:

    Made in Scotland: Something Beautiful

  5. I love them all, especially the cardigans

  6. I've just started listening to Shirley Bassey's Performance. It's amazing I have to fess.

    There's a post on the blog about it.


  7. Now, I'm curious what the original version of "Big Store" sounded like. The only version I'd heard prior to now was by the Jacobites on their 1985 album Robespierre's Velvet Basement. I did know it was a cover, btw.