Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Snippits and Monochrome Weekly #1

The Fleetwood Mac post on Saturday has become the most read single entry on my blog already, mostly thanks to a couple of sites linking to it. Two people emailed to ask if I mind them taking the photos I posted (they could have stolen them and I would never have known of course). Feel free to use and abuse any photo's on my blog - those pictures I sell commercially will not appear on here, at least not in high resolution format anyway.

Talking of well read entries, the one containing the "letter to my 16 year old self" has inspired my friend Andrew to produce his own version.

A week ago I mentioned that Starbucks were wasting food and I have now received a well structured reply. It basically says that the local branch should plan carefully so that they sell all (or nearly) all of their stock and not throw good food away - last weekend may have just been a slow sales day. Whilst Starbucks appreciate that food could be passed on to good causes, they would have to set up systems to do so and as previously stated, there shouldn't really be any food to pass on. I understand their position and mostly satisfied with the reply.

I want to mention a fun charitable event that my friend Sonny is taking part in this month. He is growing a moustache for charity and it's has the clever title of 'Movember" - you can read more on the Movember site and in this news article. I think he may well end up looking like a kebab shop owner by the 30th, we shall see. If you are feeling generous, you can sponsor Sonny here.

A big thank you to Marco for sending me a book called The London Collection that contains strange facts about London. It's actually very witty and even contains detailed instructions how to recreate the scene from American Werewolf In London at Tottenham Court Road underground station. For some reason, Marco thinks that I am pining for London life and therefore sent me the book (and included in the address on the package, the county was shown as "far far away" rather than Hertfordshire). For the record, I quite like living where the air is clean!

And I finish today (other than to plead for you to take part in "5 on the fifth" this week) is with a photograph. I have decided to contribute to a blog called the Monochrome Weekly where people post a black and white image each week. I will put something up every now and again I think, rather than each week. My first photo is of Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac taken last Friday that I think works well in black and white.


  1. All the great images of musical icons are in B&W for good reason. More punch.
    Welcome to the theme.

  2. I reckon you just got someone at your local Starbucks in trouble, ya grass haha!

    A couple of years ago at my old work some of the lads got involved in the Movember thing. They all just ended up looking really seedy, like vintage porno actors.

  3. If you or any of your readers want to make a donation to my 'movember' campaign, please just go to :


    it's all going for a great cause (and will accept payment is any currency). when you donate, you'll be given the option of writing a message, so just add my name (and any other message) there so I know who to thank. Go on - it'll only take a few minutes and you'll be helping make a big difference

  4. We should all grow tashes, it's the way forward and I've been rocking mine for some time.

  5. My favorite is Fleetwood Mac. Nice photo