Saturday, 7 November 2009

Seasons greetings!

Happy Christmas to you all!

Has Stephen gone mad? Well, quite possibly, but not in this case.

As my Mum and Dad are off to their house in Cyprus for a few months, this weekend I am in Kent celebrating Christmas with the family - including a full Christmas lunch shortly! Not all of the family are here unfortunately, as Pete has taken his Mum to Montpelier for a long weekend for her birthday (you can see some pictures he took via "5 on the fifth #5").

I arrived last night for a small party to celebrate my Dad’s 70th birthday (which is actually at the end of the month) and we also watched the fireworks at the local pub. The village pub was packed last night, which was good to see and there was a band playing too. I thought the band was excellent, but my Dad said that they were far too loud!

Talking of all things Christmas… At the moment, adverts are being shown for Disney’s A Christmas Carol. Now, I am no literary expert, but I’m pretty sure that the Exec’s at Disney did not write this fine tale and it was, in fact, the great Charles Dickens. It annoys me to hear such artistic deception.

The last posting “5 on the fifth for November” was pretty successful with the number of contributors creeping into double figures and providing some highly entertaining photographs. Hopefully next month I can get a few more people involved. A couple of names were missing this month - you know who you are!

I watched The Boat That Rocked the other night and was very disappointed. UK Pirate radio of the 1960's is an fascinating topic to base a film around and it could have made a classic comedy. However, it failed on so many levels, not least the fact that it was way too long and not actually very funny. The only good point was that one of the main characters was played by the rather-cute-posh-totty-actor Tom Sturridge. The radio stations back then had real personalities and played every type of music to an eager nation. I appreciate that music is now more readily available, but our radio stations are bland, with the same lacklustre playlist and derivative DJs. I wont start on this again as I mentioned this in a blog posting ages ago.

I am preparing another "Songs you might like" entry today, so watch this space.

So finally... seasons greetings to all my readers!


  1. seasons greetings...enjoy your time with family;)

  2. I must say i'm disappointed... I was looking forward to another post on the delights of the Light Programme...

  3. Montpellier is one of my favourite places in France.

    It's also where Aspects of Love kicks off after the prelude.


  4. Radio Caroline and Radio Nordsea International were both featured on It's Getting Better recently. Their entirely memorable themes are on U Tube - but without the frying bacon!

    Nice idea - Christmas in November.

    We may well rise to the challenge of Saturnalia mocking this year or maybe next. Can you guess what the correct date for that might be? - eerily it's halfway between my only-just-tolerant sister's birthday and that held to be Christ's.

  5. Seems a bit silly to me

  6. Scrooge appears to be alive and well.

  7. Thank you and a happy christmas to you too! adore the pictures from the concert.. I'd love to borrow some of them some day!? I envy you, so much.. I've never seen them!

  8. Thank you! I'm going to use the blog post as more evidence to convince the other half to put up the Christmas lights on the outside of our house.