Monday, 14 December 2009

100 facts about me - 91 to 100

Here is the final part of the "100 facts about me" list - previous entries can be found here:

91. I don’t understand smokers who throw used ‘fag butts’ anywhere they want – do they think that they will disintegrate?
92. I spent a year carrying a camera everywhere I went. You can see the fruits of my labour here.
93. Camp gay guys scare me.
94. I believe self-hypnosis works.
95. I once painted famous album covers on my bedroom wall. Nearly 20 years later, they are still there and my mum wont paint over them.
96. I once drove a Ferrari at a little over 110mph.
97. I rarely sleep right through the night.
98. I can ask for the bill in Greek.
99. I think that the best view in London is from The Hilton in Rotherhithe looking across to Canary Wharf at dusk.
100. I am envious of the young and have a great fear of getting old and what it may bring.


  1. Love the facts, though you don't look very old. Love the disintegrating fags part.... very true and funny too. Glad I don't smoke now...

    One question. What makes working in the financial world so much fun?

  2. great facts, great pics........and you seem to be aging great, at least from what I can little I can see from your pic;)

  3. The "fun" comment is simply sarcasm!

  4. Number 93 makes me laugh! In the UK guys who are camp are SOOO camp, that I thought it was just me who they scared. I lived there for quite a while and was amazed how outrageous some Brit guys are... They don't come aross to me that was in the US, but I am sure they are just as camp, I just don't recognise it since I am used to that brand of camp!