Thursday, 31 December 2009

It's NYE and Stephen is...

...wondering if it's wrong to find Taylor Lautner cute. He's legal (in the UK) at 17, but I'm sure some USA states would frown upon such things.

...confused as to why idiots in the UK would buy a Katie Price or Kerry Katona "novel" knowing that ghost writers were used. Kerry admitted to never having read the autobiography that she wrote! The nation is full of gullible fools.

...asking if we must perform a quirkafleeg?

...annoyed at how people don't know how to use the word "an". It's not from foreign speakers, it's from the British and it's even spread to the radio! It's really simple and something you learn when you are at primary school. On the news, she actually said "a awful day"!

...hoping that the weather improves so the running training can resume.

...considering what New Years resolutions should be made.

...reinstating his Twitter account ('sfchapman' if you are interested) and will be publishing Facebook updates on there.

...looking forward to lots more blogging in 2010. Happy New Year!


  1. I think a lot of people find Taylor Lautner cute. It's no more wrong for you to find him cute than it is for a movie studio to market him as a sex symbol. Not that I'm complaining about the marketing campaign - and all of the shirtless photo shoots that come with it.

    I had to wikipedia Katie Price and Kerry Katona. Maybe you'll get some comfort knowing that I had never heard of either of them.

    I also had to wikipedia quirkafleeg. I haven't seen a dead furry animal - so i don't think one is in order.

    Good luck with the training and the twittering (or tweeting - whatever it's called).

  2. Re: New Year - The same to you, Stephen, sir! Looking forward to your own always interesting blogs to lighten up my own 2010.
    As to your 'a/an' comment, I agree entirely. Another one that irks me but goes way, way back is, instead of "I should have...." we hear and read "I should OF...." But that's just one of many. Could go on so long about other little annoyances.

  3. Newleaf - you are so lucky not to have heard of the Z list celebs Katie and Kerry. A waste of good air.

    Raybeard - You are right with the "should of" comment. My english is not always perfect, but I know the basics!

  4. Well hopefully you know my views on Taylor Lautner; but NewLeaf is right, it's slightly odd how he has been marketed as a sex symbol.

    Anyone who reads the Twilight books is an idiot, never mind the Katie Price dross. Did you know Martine McCutcheon has a new novel out too?

    As for NYE Resolutions, mine is too drink more, take more drugs and spend more money on shit I don't need.

    All the best for 2010 me owd! Looking forward to the blog updates, and I hope you have a good year.

  5. Absolutely my cyberfriend. I will join in five on the fifth. I would like to say Happy New Year and wish you all the best for 2010. See U.

  6. So my football loving mate, 2010 will be the same as 2009!

  7. 1980's fun...

  8. I think Taylor is hot as hell! He's almost 18 and 17 is legan in some US states. I'll take him!

    Happy New Year to you too!!!

  9. Wjo is Taylor L? Is it the one who won the music award that a black man happened upon and said it should be boyonce?

    BTW, HNY.


  10. Just did a google.

    This him?

    yeah, erm..nice...?!


  11. 17yo is good. Or at least you can exchange phone numbers then and wait until they are 18. Happy New Year!

  12. A belated Happy New Year from a Yank who is still waiting for it here... The new year, that is.

  13. Made In Scotland: There are better images around - that one is from Twilight... you want later ones like this: