Friday, 18 December 2009

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I travelled up to Edinburgh on Thursday (early) and we had a team meeting followed by a Christmas meal. The event went off without incident, though I did wimp out early as I knew I had to get up early today.

I slept very badly, partly due to a party downstairs in the hotel and was awake at 4am - I'm not sure why.

Due to the snow in the south, I decided to check teletext to confirm the flight was on time. On was not on time, it had been cancelled! Most flights within the UK had been cancelled but as the flight had been booked by a travel company, a colleague and myself had to get a taxi at 6.30am to the airport to try and arrange a new flight.

When we got to the airport, it was chaos. There must have been 300 people queuing to sort out new flights with Easyjet (I have no choice but to use them). A guy in the queue explained that many flights from the night before had been cancelled, so there was no chance at all that we would fly today or tomorrow!

So taxi number two took us back into Edinburgh and we paid £107 to get a train. We waited in the freezing cold for an hour and boarded the train, which promptly broke down (though it was fixed within 15 minutes). The rail journey was slow and when we encountered heavy snow, it got slower. We made it to Stevenage where we got taxi number 3 to Luton airport.

I then struggled to get my car out of the car park as the snow was about a foot deep and my car is a heavy brute.

So, after leaving the hotel at dawn, I arrived home 9 hours later. I need sleep now.


  1. Oh so F*ckg true. I felt the same way today myself.

    A light dusting of snow and the UK falls apart....


  2. You do just have to laugh at how inept we are when dealing with even a minimal amount of snow in this country. I think you earned yourself a drink after all that bud