Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cinema code of conduct

A podcast that I always listen to, even if I am weeks late, is the Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode film review show from BBC 5live.  I love the banter and usually agree with Mark Kermode's views... but not always.  I hate it when lesser reviewers stand in during holiday time (I get the impression that they are trying just a little too hard).

A month or so back, they worked out a cinema code of conduct with their listeners and although the "rules" may seem obvious, no-one has ever collated them in such a way.  

A message from me to stupid people everywhere: Please stop being so ****ing selfish - your actions are the reasons that I rarely go to the cinema.  I have witnessed loud eating, people talking quite loudly, moaning sex, people texting and even answering the phone.  It's simply selfish and you deserve to get chucked out and banned you ****wits!

Anyway, click on the image to open up to it's full size:



  1. quite - cinema sex seems rare in the US, but I always seem to end up next to a crisp packet rustler..

  2. ...but if you try complaining about any of this to the perpetrator you are likely to be told that it's 'your problem', not theirs, and that if you don't like it you should move.

    I do wish they'd stop teaching all this self-esteem in schools. It leads too many people to think that whatever they do, no matter how inconsiderate it is of others, is wonderful.

    Paul Brownsey