Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Don't you want me?

Thanks to everyone who took part in 5 on the fifth at the weekend.  As always, there were some great pictures shared around the world.

On Sunday night, Pete and I went to St Albans to see the Human League.  Pete had been given free tickets, so we went to see some friends before driving through the freezing fog to the "arena".

If you havn't been to St Albans, I recommend it. I have been many times. It has some ancient buildings, including the Abbey and Roman ruins.  It also has some extremely old pubs - we visited one. It was a spooky night walking through the deserted streets in the fog.

Anyway... the gig was filled with 40 and 50 year olds.  The band came on at 9.15 and played loads of hits.  They looked great for their age, but Phil Oakey now has a shaved head rather than the crazy haircuts he once had and wore more makeup than the girls.  My only criticism is that the show was only 75 minutes long (compare that with Fleetwood Mac who played for well over 2 hours).

Over on Andrew's blog, he sometimes posts about iconic images (and what a wonderful idea it is).  Well, I am not out to copy Andrew, but I saw an image at the back of the stage last night that jumped out at me.  It reminded me of the happy days of my childhood.  Isn't it amazing that a few lines and colours can evoke an instant flow of memories.  For those living in the UK and above a certain age, you will know what this is...

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