Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Turkey and man flu

When Pete and I were in Cambridge 10 days ago I started to feel ill and it's developed into the worst cold (i.e. man flu) I have ever had.  I still feel absolutely shattered and have no sense of taste, which is the worst part when there is so much good food on offer.

Anyway, enough self pity.  Pete, his mum and I travelled to my parents in Kent on Christmas Eve and had a great few days.  Brother 1, brother 2, his wife and 3 kids turned up on Christmas day and I am really pleased that I had the time with my nephews as I feel that I don't know them as well as I should.  I gave and received some great presents!

It's worth noting that I have had only one glass of wine in recent days - the last alcohol since going to London on the 21st!  The plan has been to go shopping at the sales and I hope the man flu improves a little today as I am having trouble breathing.  Not good.

My mum decided to dig out some out photos and this one shows my cousin on the left and me on the right, I guess in 1977.  This was my parents very empty garden; not long after this was taken, my Dad planted dozens of trees, established many flower beds and introduced hundreds of plants and shrubs. It's now a very mature garden.


  1. Two years ago I had the worst cold (over Christmas) I ever had. It took me over 6 weeks to shake it completely.

    I had very little alcohol then.

    A miserable time to take such a bad cold.

    Get better soon.


  2. That cold sounds like a real bummer. Hope it takes leave of you soon so that you can into the New Year with 'renewed vigour'. So here's wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Btw You look like you could be a right little scamp when you were a nipper - and I'm not going to mention the wellies ;-)

  3. Let's raise a glass of that wine you're not drinking to your good health and feeling better soon!

  4. Still miserable, but at least I am not drinking any of that nasty alcohol.