Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I have just finished watching the second series of Misfits on E4.  It's a brilliant programme that certainly crosses the line of decency quite a bit in terms of language, violence and sexual content.  Having considered this, I figure that this programme probably wouldn't have been made a decade ago - it would have been far too shocking.

I will really miss some of Nathan's lines, especially one from the last programme:

"When I lived in Ireland, if the priests weren't fiddling with you - you were one of the ugly kids"

As a tribute to the guys in the programme, here are some pictures...


  1. Still only halfway throughh this series, but it is enjoyable.

    Do you really think it crosses all those lines, though? I don't think any of it is particularly shocking - although some of the violence is reasonably graphic, I suppose.

  2. The sex - the graphic talk of sex, the swearing (including the C word) etc.

    Over the line and great too!

  3. I enjoy every episodes, just missed last episode but gona love the way show is moving in a pace.
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