Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sex sells

Having been in touch with a few bloggers, I understand that reader numbers are higher for some blogs (obviously) and for various reasons. When it comes to gay guys, it seems that sex sells and therefore blogs that are explicit or at least revealing, are popular.  No, I'm not going to start telling the world more personal details, I just wanted to share my view.  Perhaps an anonymous blog elsewhere may yield lots of readers!  Don't watch this space!

Saturday was spent on more DIY.  We have found that the garden is a mess, with the previous owner concreting everything he could and old tree trunks in the ground, enlarging the vegetable plot is a greater job than we expected.  In the afternoon I worked on the garage conversion (pictures to follow) and I know appreciate that my workmanship is poor and this job would have been finished long ago by someone who knew what they were doing!

On another topic, last night Pete and I watched a new film called Catfish. Even though it's in cinemas, for some reason it's also out on DVD and it arrived as part of our Lovefilm subscription. I am not going to give anything away as I could easily spoil the whole film - all I can say is that it's a documentary with a Facebook theme and it is highly entertaining and keeps you engaged throughout.  Thankfully there was a great interview with the filmmakers on the DVD.  I recommend this original award winning movie.  The main guy in the film is Yaniv Schulman who is pretty cute (though hairy) as well as intelligent and assertive.


  1. Motivated film recommendations are a far more interesting read than the empty sex stories one can read in a many a blog. For some reason, however, people seem to prefer reading private things they feel they are not supposed to read, rather than information they can actually use for themselves. It's a strange world.

  2. I know when I used to blog about sex I did get a lot more hits. I realize I blog simply for myself, so what I choose to diverge is my choice, and lately it isn't sex in so much detail. My blog is autobiographical and what is taking place in my life right now- it may include sex and may not. I wouldn't feel pressured to talk about it if I were you. There's people that read your blog for other reasons.

  3. 'Catfish' is a really intriguing film and fully deserves wider viewing. Even now, a month after seeing it, I'm not sure if the whole thing was a big 'knowing wink' to those in on some sort of in-joke - but if it indeed was, it's certainly no worse for it. Btw. I'd go even further than you re Schulman. I thought he was REALLY hot!

  4. OK, he is pretty hot.

    I think he will go on to great things.