Monday, 18 April 2011

At the Temple

We spent the weekend in Kent having travelled down on Friday afternoon to stay at my parents house. Pete and I found ourselves at the local 14th century inn at 6pm for a couple of pints before having a very tasty curry.

On Saturday we left the house early and travelled to the outlet centre in Ashford. We hadn't been there for years and I was pleased to find a few items of clothing and shoes I had been looking for.

Pete then nagged me to drive to the seaside. So we started at Hythe. There is very little there (which is both an advantage and disadvantage) but we had a nice walk in the very warm sunshine.  We then drove down the coast to Dymchurch which is a depressing little run-down town full of fat chavs shouting at children (complete with trailer parks!). Despite this, we had a nice lunch on the beach of baguettes and cake before a walk along the beach.

Our route home was via the beautiful village of Lympne which has some lovely views across the valley and down to Dungeoness (a place well worth visiting as is Sandgate).

The main reason for the visit was to attend a quiz night that my Dad had arranged at his Mason's Lodge. Pete, my brother, sister-in-law and me had a team and we came second. My Dad had put together a tough quiz! Of course, we couldn't have won it or we'd have be accused of knowing the questions that were coming up.

It's worth nothing that Dad introduced me to the few people I didn't know as "my son and his partner Pete". This was a surprise and a first - not that my Dad has ANY issue with my sexuality and Pete, but I don't recall ever hearing it.

A long walk and a barbecue yesterday in the sun meant a lovely end to the weekend.  Here are a couple of snaps taken today.


  1. That casual remark from your Dad obviously means a great deal to you - like a verbal pat on the head. I imagine it left you with an 'afterglow'. Good for both of you.
    I wish I could have experienced the same, but that was in a totally different era - and anyway, I've never had a partner!

  2. I have fond memories of springtime in England. I was in Liverpool when my father passed away. In March. Plus, that curry and warm sunshine sound perfect.

  3. It's amazing the little things make a difference. My dad is totally cool with the bf but has never had cause to introduce us to anyone. Good for you.

  4. Not sure about an 'afterglow' Raybeard. I was just surprised to hear it. He likes Pete a lot, so I know he has no issues at all.

  5. Lovely snaps, sounds like a good weekend all round.

    I'm sure you enjoyed the chavs and their little chavettes as well, after all, one does want some human entertainment also. There are a whole load of chavs here this weekend, could hardly move on the front for them.