Thursday, 21 April 2011

Royalty and religion

Royalty and religion are not two things that I usually support.  Imagine that an alien landed on our planet and asked you to describe why one family is paid millions of Pounds to live in luxury, yet appear to be our 'property'.  You then go on to explain religion - something that people are willing to die for, yet there is no proof that the various Gods exist and many even believe the Bible to be pure fiction.

Am I asking for trouble here or what?!

My point however is in a temporary support of both of these institutions!  The only reason is that, due to Easter, we have 2 bank holidays fitting snuggly around this weekend followed by another bank holiday next Friday for the royal wedding and yet another bank holiday for May day.  Fantastic!

So I have taken Tuesday to Thursday next week off work, meaning 11 days free of work for an investment of a mere 3 days from my holiday allowance.  We have a few things planned including a couple of meals out - more to follow on those.

So for everyone in the UK, have a great few days.  It looks like it will be great weather too.


  1. Yay! Holidays everywhere. And good weather in the UK?! Amazing.

  2. Yes, great weather in the UK!

    It's been a lovely hot day here today.