Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday already?!

It's been a surprisingly warm weekend in the UK. On Friday evening, I went for a run - it was too hot to run, but I managed 3 miles non-stop, which is the longest I have run for a long time.  I am slowly getting to a level of fitness that I then want to maintain.

Pete and I walked to his brother's house on Saturday afternoon - it took just over 2 hours and our reward was beer and a barbecue. We ate far too much food and I felt very uncomfortable!

On Sunday we also went for another walk.  The 'big house' close to Pete's Mum's house has gardens covering dozens of acres and the owner had invited the local people to walk around them to see the Spring flowers.  We saw a herd of Deer and Max the dog decided that swimming in the lake was a good idea.

A song called 'Couches In Alleys' came up at random on my iPod yesterday and as I think it's a wonderful acoustic song, I decided to share it with you.  It was originally released by 'Styrofoam and Ben Gibbard' (Ben is the writer of the song and main man in Death Cab For Cutie).  The version they recorded is very strange and can be heard here.  The version below however is Ben Gibbard doing an impromptu version acoustically and it's great.  I included it in my list of top tracks for Death Cab For Cutie some time ago.

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