Thursday, 28 April 2011

Norfolk 'n' good

Yesterday I drove Pete and his Mum to north Norfolk for a day by the seaside.

We started out early and headed to Burnham Overy. This small inland port, sitting next to low mud flats has no shop and no coffeeshop. How do they survive?! We walked the winding path on top of the flood defences a mile and a bit to the sea.

The birds sang, the sun broke through and a freezing wind tried to push us back. When we got there, we found the beach to be huge and empty... stunning.

Approaching lunchtime, we headed to Wells-next-the-sea. I went there years ago and liked it a lot. This is another town that has an inland port that fights nature as the silt builds up.

The mile walk to the beach along the dead straight sea wall was in the burning sunshine. The beach is lovely but I am told I saw it in its best light with the tide in. We read the papers and watched the windsurfers for a while. We had a lazy look around the small town before having the obligatory fish 'n' chips.

The 2 hour drive home as the sun set was a struggle.

And today has more fun... this time it's voucher day! In the meantime, here are some images from yesterday.

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  1. Never (yet) been to East Anglia but it looks and sounds pretty idyllic. Another for the 'must do' list.