Saturday, 23 April 2011

To Ireland and back

It's been hotter than Spain in Hertfordshire for the past 2 days and we've been pretty busy.

Yesterday Pete and I started the day with an unhealthy full English breakfast before looking round the local flea/antique/junk market. I'm not sure how some money make a living from running these stalls.

In the afternoon, we went to Pete's mums and while Pete was stripping wallpaper, I went for a walk in the woods with Rusty (the dog Pete's mum is looking after).  The bluebells looking stunning and the smell was almost overwhelming.

In the evening, we went to Ireland.  Not the country.  Let me explain, a few miles from our house is a village called Ireland and a gastropub called The Black Horse.  Five of us went and all found the food to be fantastic and so was the barman - and he knew it.  Of course I ate far too much.

Today we went to Costco.  Yeah, we know how to live. We had intended to laze around the garden in the sun, but ended up drinking in town with friends.

This evening we are catching up with some TV that we have recorded.  We started with Modern Family and it brought to mind the episode when teenage Dylan sings a lovesong to girlfriend Haley.  The lyrics shock the family and it's a funny scene.  To top that , it's catchy too.  They even made a proper video for it...

And tomorrow is my birthday and we have a potentially unusual meal.  Watch this space.

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