Friday, 15 April 2011

To all smokers...

Your cigarette butts don't dissolve away so please do not through them on the floor when you are done polluting the air and your lungs.

I say this because I swept up a load that were piled up on the path over the road.  The selfish idiot who parks there just threw her rubbish on the floor.  I was tempted to put the pile of 50+ butts on her car bonnet but Pete wouldn't let me!

And while I am on this topic, a business owner I once spoke to told me this (I am paraphrasing a little):

"I never knowingly employ smokers.  If someone is stupid enough to poison themselves, they cant have much self control and I want people who are positive thinkers."

An interesting and exteme take on smokers, don't you think?   However, he continued...

"And let's face it, smokers take more breaks during the day and even the ones that say that they take a shorter lunch break always underestimate the time it takes to smoke."

I know a few people that will have perfect come backs to all points in this blog post!  Smokers, in my view, are often excellent sales people as they have well rehearsed sentences to overcome every criticism of their smelly habit.

Here endith the posting.


  1. My experience of smokers is that they seem totally oblivious to the reeking smell left on clothes - and not just their own - as well as any furnishings and fabrics around them as they puff. (As a former inveterate cruiser of leather bars I'd still be smelling it the next morning!) The smell lingers long after puffers have had their last one. N/Ss will notice this much more as smokers live with it constantly inside them and so aren't aware of any difference. It's a pervading odour that's virtually impossible to hide. And please don't get me started on the breath of a smoker whom you might otherwise have wanted to kiss. More than a few times has that first 'peck' disappointed me and killed of any interest.

  2. It's an interesting viewpoint from that guy you met. And actually, I have to agree. If someone couldnt give a shit about themselves (and are willingly killing themselves), how could they ever care about people around them - who they are also infecting.

  3. Mmmh, actually - smoking is NOT a habit, it is an addiction. And a serious one, too, though totally underestimated as it is not accompanied by heavy social problems as other addictions are (alcohol, harder drugs). Bearing that in mind, I would rather not back the viewpoint of that "business owner". It is a sarcastic view on human life, very business-minded. Do not like it.

    However, that is no reason to throw cigagette butts on the streets.

    By the way: I am a non-smoker.

  4. I think if vehement anti smokers realised just how much extra tax burden they'd pick up if everyone stopped smoking, they would pretty soon find something else to find issue with instead.

    Those who go on about the burden on the NHS clearly don't know that taxes on tobacco raise way more for the government than they spend on treating smoking related illness. The rest of the money helps reduce what everyone, yes, even non-smokers, have to find to allow the government to do its bidding. Just sayin...