Wednesday, 15 February 2012


If you have ever been part of a team training day, you will know that many trainers will have a "fun" part, often straight after lunch, to get the brain working.

One of these games used to do my head in!  It's all about goats and a gameshow...

A game-show host has placed a car behind one of three doors. There is a goat behind each of the other doors. "First you point toward a door," he says. "Then I'll open one of the other doors to reveal a goat. After I've shown you the goat, you make your final choice whether to stick with your initial choice of doors, or to switch to the remaining door. You win whatever is behind the door." You begin by pointing to door number 1. The host shows you that door number 3 has a goat. What should you do (assuming you want the best odds of winning the car)?

Switch to door #2
Stay with door #1
It doesn't matter
Punch the host in the jaw

The answer is explained in this video:

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