Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's taken 25 years...

Pete and I trekked down to Kent this weekend to stay with my friend Jan (pronounced "yarn"), his wife and 2 kids.  It was a momentous occasion... Jan was cooking a meal for us!
Now this may not sound like an important event to blog about, but I have been promised a meal for 25 years at least. I have cooked many meals, some good some bad, but Jan's lack of confidence in his cooking has meant I had to be patient.

So we had a lovely Lebanese pork meal followed by an Apple and Pear crumble... all accompanied by plenty of wine!  

We stayed over and woke up to snow everywhere. It had been expected - reported and over hyped by the news channels. We drove home slowly and have spent the rest of the day in the warmth of our house.  Here are a couple of pics, including their crazy cat Mona, who seems to always want to sit on my lap, but wants to draw blood from Pete...

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  1. cute cat.
    A good form for hiding the fact that you're actually a viscous bloodthirsty beast.