Thursday, 16 February 2012


It's been a slow couple of weeks with not much going on to share with you. It's been busy at work and in the evenings, we've tended to just veg'. We have watched a few films.

I had a meeting in London a couple of days ago in Baker Street. I spent the whole sub-consciously humming and whistling the sax solo from the famous Gerry Rafferty song! It was one of those meetings to forget.  I was told not to bring a laptop as the firm was supplying one.  Of course, they did not have one and had to borrow someone else's. They then said that the office was too small for a meeting so we went to the bakers/coffee house called Paul (they are all over France) and it took an age to log into their wifi, which then was too slow to be useful!

One event from this evening... Pete and I started to watch a very recent film Tyrannosaur. We managed less than 30 seconds before turning it off. I wont explain why, but a violent start was not what either of us wanted to see.

To end for now, here's a picture I took in the City this week - it's actually 4 images stitched together.


  1. Impressive... I pass through there everyday this week.

  2. I so badly wanted to see 'Tyrannosaur', being a great admirer of both Peter Mullen and (as actor) Paddy Considine, but I couldn't bring myself to go when I heard about the film's violent opening, involving a dog, which I assume is the scene to which you're referring. Such a shame. It would be unpleasantly hanging over the rest of the film for me.