Monday, 20 February 2012

The miracle of the net... again

Pete and I went to lunch at the top local restaurant yesterday.  It was Pete's brother's girlfriends birthday.  The almost-four-hour meal was fantastic.

During the meal, Pete's brother mentioned that they had spent the day in London on Saturday. During a loooong trip to Harrods, they saw someone famous.  People were asking for autographs and taking photographs with them.

The problem was, neither Pete's brother nor his girlfriend recognised the man!

So they just said he had dark skin and good looking wife/girlfriend.  Not a lot to go on.  So I went on Twitter and and typed in a few searches:

- seen in Harrods
- saw in Harrods
- with wife in Harrods

After a couple of minutes and wading through spottings of an Indian film star and someone from a girl group, I found it was probably Dutch International footballer John Heitinga and his wife.

Finding a picture on Google confirmed it.  Isn't the 'net amazing?!?

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