Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bad to the bone

You may have read a blog entry from November where my friend James, who is currently spending a year in Argentina with work, spoke about his initial thoughts on Buenos Aires. I had promised to talk about James again, but he can be illusive at times, so haven't got round to it. It really doesn't help that I am not a fan of either the telephone or Skype. It's weird I know, especially as I have to talk on the phone a lot for work. Those conversations keep me employed, so there's an incentive.
Anyway, while James does all he can to improve relations between our nations and avoid mentioning the Falkland Islands (unlike that twat Sean Penn) he has been exploring and while out and about something nasty happened and he badly broke his arm. He is now the bionic man having been treated by the number one surgeon in the country. I am not totally sure how the accident happened having only heard part of the story, but here's the proof!  The squeamish should look away now!


1 comment:

  1. Fuuuuuuuck! That looks really painful.

    Hope James is OK.