Sunday, 18 March 2012


It's been a slow week at work but we dealt with that yesterday in an unexpected way.  We walked into town to get a couple of bits and started with a coffee in a place we have decided is the best coffee bar around. It then started raining, so Pete forced me to have a beer in the bar/restaurant upstairs!

The Hermitage is a great bar which seems to only attract "nice" people. There wasn't a chav in sight! In the afternoons and evenings, they have a doorman stopping the lowlifes from getting past the front door. This is an unusual thing to see in a provisional drinking place. The atmosphere was buzzing, especially for a Saturday afternoon. Here is a picture taken from their website:

We managed to spend FOUR hours drinking there! That's not like us at all. And a pleasant surprise was that a really cute and fit barman I had seen before turned up at 3 for his shift. :-)  With modern stalking devises, i.e. Facebook, you can easily find people, but it would be wrong to post a picture of him!
I took this at the coffee shop yesterday. You have to love the iPhone when you can take a dull picture and make something interesting...

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