Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Birthday boy

This weekend was a heavy one! It was Pete's birthday (the big FOUR ZERO) yesterday, but we started the celebrations on Friday at the local beer festival. It was packed and included the usual beer enthusiasts who tend to look a bit odd!
Saturday was recovery day and then, early on Sunday morning, 12 of us set off to Broxbourne where we had a boat waiting! After a couple of minutes instruction we were let loose on the Lee Navigation - a very old canal route into London.  We had a fantastic day eating, drinking and chugging along. I got to drive a lot and enjoyed the challenge. Pete was made to wear a silly hat all day - see pictures below.
Yesterday Pete and I had the day off work and went to Cambridge.  We were both exhausted, so took it easy before returning home to meet family and friends for a meal.  A great weekend!


  1. Whats going on in the 4th pic?

  2. wow. That looks really nice!
    Happy Birthday PETE!!!!

  3. The 4th pic...

    Pete's Mum and Son #2 (Pete) are on a bridge looking at the rest of us on the barge, including Son #1. However, Son #1 is not paying attention and doesn't realise that the low bridge is coming up! Mum is worried, Son #2 thinks it's hilarious. The contrast in reactions!