Friday, 5 October 2012

Happy James Bond day!

50 years and counting... Pete and I will be watching Skyfall on the day of release - partly due to the fact that I love a good Bond film and partly Pete's obsession with Daniel Craig.
Along with the film comes the music and the art of course.  The best Bond themes kickstart the film beautifully.  My favourite theme is either Goldfinger or Live And Let Die.


  1. Your two choices here of the best Bond title theme songs would certainly both appear in my top 6 or 7.

    But how about the worst? That's got to be Madge's 'Die Another Day', hasn't it?
    But I also think that 'For Your Eyes Only' was the first Bond song that came along and completely missed target for a feeling of 'Bond-ness'. The absence of John Barry's composing talents shows. (I've just read that Dusty Springfield and Donna Summer were both considered by the composers to record it.) The song could have been about anything else at all. Hearing it all these years later it still sounds over-serious - and even boring - without capturing any vestige of the unique spy-thriller atmosphere of the series.

    Although not a particular fan of Adele (yes, I know - cries of "Shame!") I do think that 'Skyfall' is already clearly one of the better songs.

  2. The Madonna song is not great and the Sheryl Crow one is screetchy.

    I cant quite get my ear round Skyfall yet.

    1. Although the 'Skyfall' song gets my thumbs up, the fact that the second syllable of the title word uses a musical RISE from what immediately precedes it is already sounding 'wrong' to me. Not so good.

      I wouldn't have described Crow's rendering of 'Tomorrow' as "screechy" myself. In fact I'd class the song in the pantheon of Bond themes as at least middling, or probably a bit above.

      But Madonna's really is a gross betrayal of the franchise - all 'me-first' ego-trip and bugger everyone else!
      Btw: I'm normally a great fan of hers, but in recent years she's been trying her damnedest to touch rock-bottom over and over again - and pretty well succeeding.