Sunday, 14 October 2012

What is it?

Last week I was driving from an appointment through some pleasant country lanes and stopped at a layby to make a couple of phone calls (while there was the briefest of signal) and on the ground was a strange wooden item.
So I picked it up, examined it, was confused and so I brought it home. I have no idea why it was there and don't know what it is.  See the video below for a demonstration... you twist the middle and the two layers of 'petals' open up. It's more than an ornament, it actually does something.

Any ideas?!


  1. Sorry, I have no idea. Do let me know if you work it out. Have you tried googling a description of it?

    A x

  2. It rather reminds me of a torture implement I once saw in a sex museum in Amsterdam, for application during an oppressively Puritan era. It was used on both female prostitutes and gay males. No need to elaborate further is there?
    (I only make the suggestion in a spirit of wanting to help!)

    1. I ought to add that the 'model' I saw was smaller than this - but only slightly.