Friday, 26 October 2012

Mr Chairman

In our team of 9 (we are the South team and there are 12 in the North), we have regular meetings in London at the iconic Gherkin to discuss relevant topics and obtain some training.  Yesterday was my turn to chair the meeting and this involves not only making sure the meeting flows well but also coming up with most of the content.
I started the day with an "energiser" to get the brains working; which my manager loves. I had a look around the net for ideas, but wasn't that impressed.  So instead I made up a game myself!  It didn't quite work how I planned, but it was fun all the same and I will be developing it further, selling it to ITV and retiring on the proceeds.
The rest of the day was work related items, but I structured it in such a way to make the day highly interactive and enjoyable... I hope. The team seemed to enjoy it and we all learned some new things which has to be good.  I also presented on a completely new topic including an online demo - relying on technology can be dangerous!
Despite being a shy guy, I quite like the presenting and control when I get to chair a meeting. It goes against all my natural instincts, but I don't suffer fools gladly and always share an opinion - but we are a close team, despite working remotely from each other, so we should all feel free to be honest.  My behavior goes to show how we can all be a bit chameleon like.
The team is due for some expansion soon and I wonder how the dynamic will alter...

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  1. Yes, I can relate to your changed behaviour at meetings. I've always found small-talk and chit-chat at social gatherings of any description a difficult matter, causing a great deal of mental strain and anguish. But when I used to attend formal meetings at work, (committees, working groups etc) another personality took over and I thrived on it, freely offering comments, easily participating, and even having to hold myself back from taking charge.

    I'd not seen you up to now as being an especially 'shy guy'. That's not the way it comes over in your blogs. Maybe it's another side of your multi-faceted personality coming through!