Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The past month - October 2012

On James Bond's 50th anniversary, I had to make a comment about the art and music of Bond films.  We also watched Skyfall and enjoyed it immensely.
I really thought that someone would figure out what the strange item I found actually was. I still have no takers and may have to resort to taking it to Bagpuss. What other option do I have?
I got down and dirty in the streets of London yoinking some street names from a site I cant recall the name of.
The longest blog entry of the month centred on the boring new logos that Ebay and Microsoft have launched. I still cant find much enthusiasm for these dull idents and I would still like to know if they paid for them!
Call me obsessed if you want, but I cant help but stare in awe at the beauty of Francisco Lachowski and managed to post about him twice!
And even more semi-naked flesh just had to feature with the fit and posh Harry Judd. It's such a shame he's in such a bland pop group as McFly.
You would need a heart of stone not to find my brothers video of one of the 8 puppies very cute. They are currently growing at a fast rate in Northwest Kent.

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