Saturday, 6 October 2012

Nothing to see here

This week has been a busy one at work and there is little share. Pete and I walked into town in heavy rain for a meal in the week. We decided a while ago to eat out once in the week and haven't always done that. One restaurant in town is a Mexican with very random opening times and we ate there. We are lucky that our little town has a stupidly high proportion of restaurants and bars.
The roads have been appalling all week, so I've spent far too many hours going nowhere fast on the M1 and M25. The single good thing was crawling along in traffic on the M25 at Kings Walden one morning where the motorway sits on a viaduct - the valley below was filled with fog like a giant grey snake.  It was an impressive site and I just couldn't get a photo.
My ankle has been playing up for about 6 weeks so I haven't been running, instead I have trekked to the garage and sat on the exercise bike for an hour. We have a very old TV in there and an old DVD player and I am rewatching some films.  I watched favourites including 'Jackie Brown' and 'The Godfather' over 4 or 5 sessions.  I'm now on 'The Godfather part 2'.  You have to love the boxsets in Fopp that are a bargain!
The young Al Pacino looked so cool in the first film.

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