Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Rude streets in London

Just for the hell of it...
Laycock Street, Islington
Penistone Road, Streatham
Cock Lane, City
Cock Pond, Clapham Common
Bellenden Road, Peckham
White Knobs Way, Caterham
Back Passage, City of London
The Ring, Hyde Park
The Butts, Brentford
Cold Blow Lane, New Cross
Cumming Street, Islington


  1. I see you've been passing your time by rifling through the A to Z, Stephen.
    (Call me "thick" if you wish, but I can't quite see why 'Bellenden Road' is on the list. Or are you playing games with us?)

  2. Oh crumbs! I see that I AM indeed thick. Is it because it sounds like something 'undone'? - so that if there'd been a Zippenden Lane in London we could have chortled at that? (I'm sure there are Zippenden Strassen in various locations in Deutschland but that would be straining things a bit).
    No, I'm sorry. Please explain.