Tuesday, 30 December 2008

What I have achieved this year

The time between Christmas and New Year is a strange one. There is a definite lull in my energy and there is always far too much food. It is the time of year to think back over the past 12 months and what I haven't achieved. Yes, that is a negative way to look at it, but that's just how I tend to feel at this time of year - but I know that there are many positive things. The worst part of 2008 was my job - boring, not challenging, not busy enough etc etc. I tend to lack motivation unless I am challenged and busy and that's certainly been a problem lately.... that must change! I'm not saying that 2008 has been a failure though and I've had a pretty fun year!

What I haven't done...
  • I didn't lose weight or gain any fitness
  • Didn't find a new job or enjoy the one I have
  • Didn't keep in touch with friends enough
  • I failed to say 'no' when I wanted to and ended up saying 'yes' instead
  • Didn't visit Jan in Holland, Dom in Austria or Donna in Spain
  • Didn't take and pass any exams (as I work in Financial Services, these are CII exams)
  • Didn't make an impact on the house "to do" list
  • Didn't buy the guitar I wanted
  • Only ticked off a couple of my list on 43things.com
  • Didn't drink enough juice
I could go on and on as I'm in a groove now! It isn't all negative though and there are some things I can list that I have achieved and shouldn't dwell too much on the list above (just get them done Stephen!)

Some achievements...

  • Paid a good amount off the mortgage
  • Started and maintained this blog
  • Started and completed my macro photography project (The next project is a 2008 photo book)
  • Saw some good concerts
  • Did a little work on the house (mainly painting)
  • Had a couple of fun holidays, weekends away and other events
  • Heard some great new music*
  • Took some good pictures and have them listed for sale
  • Visited Sicily
  • Saw many good films making use of Lovefilm.com and Sky+*
  • Did as little work as possible and got paid for it!
  • Was generally helpful to those around me!
* See my best of 2008 blog entry

Maybe the little things such as doing someone a favour, clearing out all my old clothes or cooking a good meal for friends can count as well. Just having a lovely home and partner (and not killing him in 2008!) should be sufficient of course and I should count my blessings.

So... in 2009 I fully intend to make this list twice as long and meaningful - watch this space.


  1. Seems like you achieved plenty mate!

  2. Cool blog, great outlook on life, all the best for 2009

  3. Another achievement:
    You were able to keep this blog interesting! :D

    And it's great that you're positive, it makes reading this much easier! :D

  4. You've done a fair amount of good stuff during 2008, well done and happy new year to you!