Sunday, 21 December 2008

X Factor ruins Christmas shocker

Back from a weekend in France (which followed 3 days in Edinburgh and 1 in London) and I have heard the news that reality TV has brainwashed a nation once again.

Thanks to the X Factor, we no longer have the excitement of seeing which single will be number one this Christmas. The "series" is just one long advert and it's just one more representation of how British TV is dumbing down to the lowest common denominator.

The race for the UK number one has been a tradition for decades and it's been stolen from us by a simple talent show. This is a programme that has managed to con a nation into thinking it's something really special! I have no idea how it has done this so successfully.

And to those who ran out to buy the third best version of Hallelujah in the charts this Christmas, I pity you sheep. Listen to the original and Jeff Buckley's version and you will see what I mean. I don't mean any bad feeling toward the prize winner - it's not her fault that we encourage people to become stars in this way - I blame the TV execs.

So, Mr Cowell and Co., thanks for taking all the fun out of the Christmas single.


  1. It shows how many people hate the x factor when the rival single can get to number 2.

    maybe next year we can rid ourselves of the x factor.

  2. Simon Cowell also owns the rights to Buckley's version...

  3. That sounds exactly like American Idol! Will it never end?!

  4. Maybe we could tell the Israelis that Hamas is hiding in Simon Cowell's house, this could solve the problem permanently!

  5. Mark is very very wise.