Friday, 16 January 2009

100 facts about me - 21 to 30

Here is the next part of the "100 facts about me" list - previous entries can be found here:

21. Barcelona is the coolest place I have visited.
22. Scarborough is the scummiest place I have visited.
23. My middle name of Francis was chosen by my brothers and is in honour of Francis Lee, the chunky 1970’s footballer.
24. Pay rises in my last job averaged 9.5% per annum for the 4½ years I worked there.
25. My first car was a little Fiat 126.
26. I could happily watch 5 episodes of The Simpsons in a row as it is the best TV programme ever made.
27. I own two guitars, a Ukelele and a Mandolin.
28. My favourite word is ‘Ziggurat’.
29. I was wrong in thinking that I couldn’t be bothered to write a blog.
30. I gave up reading the ‘classic’ book Catch 22.

1 comment:

  1. I went to Scarborough once. Some bits on the front are OK, but the rest of the place is a dump.