Monday, 5 January 2009

Diary Week [Day One] - Back to work

Monday: When I was young, I would often start a diary in January. By the middle of the month, the diary was dead. Blogging has taken the old fashioned diary to a new level of course. In honour of the new year and old days, this week I intend to post a blog entry every day for 5 days with more of a diary feel than my usual style and frequency...

So it's Monday and today I woke up at 6 (and a few times during the night), despite the alarm being set for 7 - I am not a good sleeper. Woke up horny after strange dream, which is not a good thing for a work day and feeling dog tired. It's the first proper day back at work after the Christmas / New Year break (on Friday I worked from home). I ventured to the office - a place I only go to once a week if I have to.

There was snow! All 3 centimetres of it. Snow is a rarity in south-east England and brings the country to a grinding halt. I remember back to my youth when you could be guaranteed a foot of snow in January and a day or two off school. Damn you global warming! The picture was taken from the dining room...

Anyway, I make it into work through the Arctic weather. The office is grey - walls, desks, carpet and atmosphere. I find it a depressing place to be: partly because the office is a pain to get to (it takes me 1 hour and 45 minutes to travel the 35 miles some mornings), but mainly because I find my job to be dull and I find big company working doesn't suit me. You can't make an impact at a big company. My colleagues are nice, which is a bad word to describe some good people, but as I don't go to the office much, I don't know them well. Don't ask why I haven't looked elsewhere.

Putting my suit on this morning, I found it had shrunk. OK, I had put on a lot of weight over the past 2 weeks! Therefore, after tonights Spaghetti a la Stephen, I am having light lunches and vegetable soup for dinner of the rest of the week and no beer!

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