Thursday, 8 January 2009

Diary Week [Day Four] - Pain and Anger

Thursday: I went to the dentists today and was far more nervous than usual. Four injections (the first very painful) and three fillings later and I had had enough of looking at the ceiling of the surgery. I may need expensive root canal work on 2 teeth - oh joy. Teeth = Money out.

My guitar sold on eBay for a rather nice amount of money and through a nice quirk of fate, the guy that bought it works in the same town I am visiting on Monday to see a client! Guitar = Money In.

I saw something that made me very angry today. Sandown Presbyterian Church took out a 540-word advert in the Belfast News Letter just before the city's Pride event in August and basically said that being gay is so wrong that it is "an abomination". The Advertising Standards Agency just ruled against the newspaper and now Ian Paisley is on the case to reverse it. This horrible bitter man "has been a longtime opponent of equality for gay people".

These forgiving and understanding Christian people appear to me to be far more evil and full of hate than any bully I have encountered. They hide behind the bible and the church to shout their revolting angry views. I don't agree with the Advertising Standards Agency that this kind of thing doesn't incite violence against homosexuals. The hatred in the text is truly staggering and can only incite more hatred and violence.

I say that every gay guy and girl attends belfast Pride and make it the biggest gay party in the world - if only to piss Ian Paisley off.


  1. Someone should take out an add declaring those assholes to be bigots.

  2. You are so right about the Belfast church. I am a Christian and if that was my church, I would find somewhere else to worship.

    They seem really hung up on gay people. Strange.

  3. Yes Andy B - they DO seem hung up on gay topics.

    It's all about "hate thy neighbour" isn't it?!