Sunday, 11 January 2009

I woke up this mornin'

This was the very from the bedroom window at 7.30am. The picture hasn't been altered in any way, other than to shrink it down a bit. Nature can be stunning in it's beauty.

We didn't do a great deal this weekend other than walk. We went for a 6+ mile walk yesterday in the cold just for the fun of it. Today we walked less of a distance, but with an aim in mind... to find a nice pub! A couple of miles down the road and it's a Guinness (for me) and a Cider (for Pete). Then another mile to another pub and a repeat round. Not a bad way to spend a sunny, crisp winters afternoon.

The low fat, healthy eating continues this week and then there is a nice surprise for the weekend. More info to follow!

The press is up in arms over something Prince Harry said a couple of years ago when with his army colleagues. It's a total over reaction (especially considering the various serious news stories today) and I'm sure it happens all the time in the army - guys take the **** all the time and sometimes use wrong and thoughtless language. I am no fan of the royal family, but this all seems rather silly and it's not the place for the press to deal with it. He is taking after his grandfather and saying poorly thought out things! Despite not being a fan of the royals, I might as well include a link to a picture of a fit looking Harry.