Friday, 9 January 2009

Diary Week [Day Five] - POETS day!

Friday: Today is POETS day - the final day of this diary style of blogging. For those not in the know, POETS stands for Piss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday! There is even a website about it here. I could almost be tempted to blog every day, but wont for 2 reasons: first, regular readers may get bored and secondly... I may get bored!

Last night I booked the ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland for May. I am going to see my friend Jan who will be having a 40th birthday party. He now lives in Assen in the north of The Netherlands earning lots of money and speaking very little Dutch. It's amazing that I've known him since I was 16 and he was 17.

I appear to be a bit camera mad today. I'm bidding on 2 lenses for my Pentax (the one on the left obviously) on eBay and bought this little compact today in the sale. I've wanted a good compact for a while for the times when I just want to carry a camera about in my pocket. It's got a wide angle lens and lots of features, so should do me fine.

Having sold a guitar on eBay yesterday, this morning I noticed the replacement I have wanted - also on eBay and ending today. The listing stated "pick up only" and so I thought, "it's bound to be in Scotland", but it's actually in the same town as I live! What a strange coincidence... and I won the bidding war for a really good price.

When I was driving home, I saw a beautiful piece of nature and couldn't stop and take a picture as I was on the motorway. There had been a hard frost and a dusting of snow and that combination on the row of trees, and also the dark sky, made it look like the scene was a negative.

We were meant to be going to the comedy club tonight, but both me and Pete are knackered. So it's food and a film in the warm I think...

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